Design and implementation of the new heating system

The existing oil / gas heating systems supplying the main buildings and dormitories were being replaced with a more efficient system, and we were asked to design the controls for it.

Complete HVAC engineered and installed a Tridium based BMS with EasyIO controllers to control the new system, which comprises gas heating, a thermal store, calorifiers, constant and variable temperature systems and all the associated valves, pumps, etc.

To maximise efficiency, all pumps were VSD types which are run as slowly as demand allows. The Delta T°C is kept high, thus maximising heat transfer to the hot water and heating circuits. Weather compensation and demand prediction are utilised to proactively maintain interior conditions and avoid large spikes in demand. Variable temperature zones, Constant temperature zones, Calorifiers, the boiler and the thermal store are collectively controlled by the BMS based on data gathered from the inputs, along with the various efficiency strategies. Remote access is provided so that the maintenance staffs are not required to constantly monitor the plant operation, and alarms may be immediately sent to the staff via SMS or email. This results in a complex, but highly efficient control strategy. Since completion, the client has made significant savings on energy, and also benefits from far fewer complaints regarding occupant comfort. This provides another cost saving benefit in freeing up maintenance staff for other requirements. .


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